Monday, September 08, 2003

playing ‘possum and alpha dog woes…

This morning I took Pickles to the vet for her ‘possum-inflicted wounds. It’s always a chore to take Pickles somewhere without Sadie getting all bent out of shape. Sadie has major alpha-dog issues, so I had to let her in for "inside time" and then make the switch and let Pickles in, then leash her and leave. They can’t come in the house together because Sadie gets so jealous of Pickles that she will start a fight. It started about two years after we added Sadie to the pack. I took her to a great behaviorist, Dr. Shull, at the UT vet school and she helped me learn alpha dog language so we could control the situation. We’ve been conflict-free for quite some time now. When I get Pickles home today Sadie will be very pissed that she got to go somewhere (even if it was to the vet).

Speaking of the vet, they are going to have to sedate Pickles to clean out her wounds (poor baby). I had no idea opossums had such long, vicious teeth! She was so stinky this morning that I’m going to have her bathed at the vet as well. Maybe that’s money I shouldn’t have spent, but she has a fit when we bathe her at home and afterward runs straight to a dirt pile and rolls in it. If she’s inside she runs straight to the couch and does the same thing…and you never totally can get the stink out of this dog. But, stinky or not---she’s one of the sweetest dogs in the world--and a daddy's girl to boot.


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