Friday, January 14, 2005

Yuki this, Yuki that...

Well, the new kitty got a name--Yuki! (Yoo-kee). It's a Japanese name meaning "snow" or "lucky." I had originally named him "Yukiko," which means "snow child," but I found out it was a female name. Fortunately, Yuki was a male name. He's a pretty funny cat and is just starting to really show his personality. When he wants to check something out above eye-level, Yuki stands up on his haunches with his forelimbs hanging limp just like a meerkat. Nighttime is fun because he loves to chase your toes through the covers. He also thinks he's completely hidden if his head is covered. Uh, Yuki, I can still see about 14 pounds of you... And, speaking of poundage, Yuki REALLY likes to eat. Rooney is the only one who's not totally adjusted. He walks up to Yuki and meow-yells at him. Then he walks off in a huff. I think he'll be all right though. It doesn't help that he's still not feeling great. Yuki was assimilated into the menagerie with nary one fight! :-)

The name Yuki
A history-buff friend of mine sent me some interesting tidbits about the name Yuki. She writes: "Yuki was a mixed breed dog found by President Johnson's daughter, Luci Nugent, at a gas station in Texas on Thanksgiving Day in 1966, while on her way to the LBJ Ranch. Luci named the dog "Yuki" from "Yukimas," which means "snow" in Japanese. At first, Yuki lived with Luci, but while visiting the White House, Yuki won the President's heart and became his faithful companion. On the President's birthday, August 27, 1967, Luci told her father that he could keep Yuki. When President Johnson left office on January 20, 1969, Yuki returned to LBJ Ranch with the President on Air Force One. After Johnson's death in January 1973, Yuki went to live with Luci Johnson Nugent and her family. Yuki died in 1979. I read somewhere where Yuki even made a recording...singing, of course."


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