Tuesday, July 29, 2003

feeling better today, despite…

Apparently my husband and I are under official bad karma attack. We are going through the roughest financial period of our lives and guess what shows up yesterday—a letter from the IRS. That’s right. We made a mistake on our taxes several years ago that is going to cost us thousands (we will gladly accept your donations through PayPal). When the devil is on a roll, he goes for the jugular. It just sucks, especially considering the number of people who purposely cheat on their taxes. We just made a big dumb mistake. Don’t they give discounts to people who didn’t do it on purpose? I’m guessing “no.”

Five things I couldn’t do if my life depended on it:

  1. water ski
  2. snow ski
  3. rollerblade
  4. ice skate
  5. eat fois gras or veal

Did you see a trend in the first four? I can rollerskate (kind of), but I do not like activities where my feet move without my permission. There’s just something wrong with it and my brain refuses to cooperate. I even took a rollerblading CLASS. I was purple from my waist to my knees. I’m fairly coordinated and play piano, flute, a little fiddle and have played sports, but not the moving feet thing. Fois gras and veal are just evil—I don’t eat meat anyway, but they are the most abusive of animal meat products.


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