Saturday, July 26, 2003

why you should always have a camera with you

I went down to Burger King to get some lunch for myself and a certain hungover husband of mine (night out with the boys) and I ordered him some cheeseburgers and for myself a veggie burger. I went through the drivethrough and after I paid I was told that it would be a couple of minutes on my veggie burger because "it's made up fresh" (read: it's frozen and we have to thaw the shit out because no one but you orders that crap around here). Anyway, so I dutifully pull up out of the way and wait for my special "fresh" delivery and I start hearing the theme to the Andy Griffith show. It was a little twilight zone-ish as I couldn't tell where it was coming from...surely BK wasn't piping the Andy Griffith theme into the kids' play area. Anyway, it got louder.

I looked over at the adjacent side street and there it was. A perfect replica of Sheriff Andy Taylor's police car cruising down the street. We're talking the really old one. Perfect black and white with the big gumdrop of a siren in the middle of the roof. Inside, was some crazy bloke dressed up like Barney or Andy and was waving to everyone and blaring the siren. I was wondering if he was going mad from the loudspeaker playing the 30 second clip over and over (beginning with the whistling).

Anyway, I wasn't the only person noticing this oddity. This homeless dude without a variety of front teeth rides past my car on his bike and looks at me and yells, "Dat's Barney Fiiiife!!!" and he proceeds to ride down toward the car which is stopped at the redlight on the sidestreet. I had to laugh out loud because the guy was bobbing his head up and down to the theme song. He stopped at the passenger side and I could hear him yell into the car "You's Barney Fiiiifffeee!" The guy handed him a flier and the light turned green. As I was secretly dying to know what the flier said, a little chick came out and handed over my food. The homeless guy sat on his bike in the middle of the road (it's a fairly busy intersection) until he got finished reading the flier and then rode his bike back up to where I was just pulling out. He excitedly showed me the flier that advertised a "Mayberry Music Festival" August 2 and said he didn't need it back because he knew where it was. And he rode off. I put the flier on the refrigerator when I got home.

My veggie burger sucked but the trip turned out to be fun.


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