Tuesday, July 22, 2003

What the hell?

Rooney here. Mom said I could post. Well, you bet your sweet ass I'm gonna. What does she do, but run out of the house, leaving us at least 10, count 'em, 10 piles of crap in the litter boxes. About half of them were Baxter's, who always leaves human turds for us all to walk around. I mean, I like to have a good roll in the stuff, take a whiz and neatly cover it up. Baxter, God love him, his ass hangs out of the box half the time. Oh well, he's kind of old--got the whole bingo-arm swing action happening on the belly. So, mom, if you're reading this, I got a big surprise waiting for you right in the middle of the entryway. We'll see how you like that. Let's plan on getting up earlier so we can do our chores, shall we? It's not like we have opposable thumbs and can do it ourselves. Later.


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