Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hurrah for death...

Uday, Qusay are no more (we are told). I am, after reading about their evil tyranny many times, glad they are gone. But, there's something odd about being happy about the death of a human, or any living thing for that matter. When we rejoice for the death of others because they were so completely evil that they deserved no place here, then, my God, are we screwed up or what? I always pretend to be an outsider, an alien if you will, and I can tell you why no other form of life has visited our little rock--we're crazy and stupid. We can't get along with one another...we strip our Earth of its resources with no thought for future generations...we thoughtlessly kill billions of animals for our own use, far beyond what could be justified for survival. Who would want to visit us (if there are such beings)? I would steer clear of the entire universe quite frankly. *sigh* But, there are as many good things to behold as there are evil and so sometimes I just don't pick up the paper and I go about my business being human in my own circle of loved ones (two and four-legged) and it gets me grounded again.


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