Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Mostly Tuesday...

Forecast: Looks like it's going to be Tuesday ALL DAY today. The sky will hover above us and the ground will attract falling things (including my middle-aged boobs). Meat-eaters will continue to make fun of vegetarians and my big white deaf cat, Baxter, will continue to puke all over my house with a certain glee. My rose garden will continue to look like the arid desert of the midwest and the weeds will stand lush and green. I will still have to edit our corporate publication and I will still cringe the entire time I am doing it. I will drink far too much Diet Coke today and I will have a Moon Pie at about 10:30 a.m. I will enjoy the Moon Pie and be sad that it is gone when I take the last bite. We will have a staff meeting at lunch. I might have another snack at 3 p.m. if I'm really feeling swine-ish. Gravity will still be in effect and will have taken hold of not only my boobs, but my eyelids as well. The work day will end. I will go home. I will eat AGAIN, rub all six cats and dogs for good luck, daydream about my next hat, hug my husband a couple of times and go to bed. Then, Wednesday will start. Wednesday's forecast looks like...um, the same?

I have an interesting idea for a figure based on the theme of time. My husband and I chose to not have kids, so we are in that freakish group of people that people just don't understand. I'm pretty sure that we have enough people to run things at the moment, so I don't feel pressed to reproduce. It is pretty funny to try an explain this to someone. They will cock their heads to the side like my dogs do when you say "you hungry?" and then they start asking "why?" and then they say "but why?" and then they say, "but I just don't understand why..." and it goes on and on. "But you'd be such a great mom..." Blah, blah, blah. Then comes the whisper "I just think that's selfish." Mmmmmm? I merely think I know who I am and what I need to do during my time here on Earth. Oh...back to the figure. I have collected together a bunch of mechanical watch pieces that I will incorporate into the doll. We'll have her "smash" the clock. After all, it's a clock that's been placed onto her. Keep your clock hands off of me! We'll see how it develops.

Forgot to add some of my favorite hatmakers to my links: Hansard Welsh Designs. Of course it's all handfelted wool...wouldn't have anything else.


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