Sunday, July 27, 2003


The husband and I went out for the large-two-topping-wheat-crust-chicago-style-pizza special at Stephano's and after driving around a bit and in general picking our noses while taking in the sights we have taken in approximately three million times before, we returned home. Then I fed the dogs and wandered around the house aimlessly. Then, I saw it. Puke on the bed again...puke on the Ralph Lauren sheets that I THOUGHT were on sale...dried with a smattering of felted hair dispersed throughout the golden crust. It was a little small to be one of Baxter's vomits (the white kitty in the back of the boat), but it might have been "part deux" of one of his "vomitaculars." Baxter usually pukes in two parts--one gigantic spew that makes you want to call 911 and then a mini-hack that's mostly juice. *breathe into a paper bag* So guess what I get to do tonight? That's right...wash...again.


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