Sunday, September 11, 2005

paws everywhere!

The little lab puppy, Sassy, (there was only one, not two as I expected) sat on my lap the whole trip...
My mother got kind of attached to Foxy Cleopatra. She really did look like a fox with big bat ears and a lean body. Ma is walking her before we load up.
I didn't get a great picture of Daisy Mae, who was a dobie-mix. She had lived her entire life in shelters! She was very shy and had the saddest demeanor. She would walk up to you and look at you, but she wouldn't make "pet me" gestures. My heart broke for her. She is headed to a foster home, so I hope she'll learn how to play and romp for the first time.More Daisy Mae, Sassy and Zorro up front with the gal from Nashville who handed off the pups to us.
Zorro was a big powerful pit bull, but he was an absolute perfect gentleman and laid in the backseat and lounged. Daisy Mae and Foxy were crated so we wouldn't run the risk of too many adult dogs getting riled up. Zorro would not go into the crate, so Daisy Mae had to go in.
The only peep made during the whole trip was Foxy Cleopatra, who went nuts when the windshield wipers were turned on. It scared the shit out of both of us. The pics are not the best because I had my hands so full that I had to rely on my camera phone.



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