Wednesday, October 08, 2003

gimme' some of dat grey goo...

Some things I learned (and some relearned) about that unattractive grey gob of matter stuck in our skulls:

  • the human brain has about 20 billion neurons (I have also read between 10 - 100 billion) - in any case, A LOT
  • each neuron has 10,000 connections
  • one-third of our neuronal connections are a direct result of our inherited genetic code and are present in utero
  • during the first year of life about 100,000 neurons are being developed every second
  • by adulthood, the brain has only half the neurons it did during grade school...with the highest rate of synaptic death occurring in adolescence (ha, that makes sense, doesn't it?!)
  • experience shapes the genetic structure of the brain and corrective experiences (good therapy, etc.) can also reshape the structure of the brain (experience causes neuronal firing which, in turn, creates synaptic growth)
  • one of the greatest predictors of disorganization of the medial prefrontal cortex area (controls everything from body regulation to sense of morality) is having parents who have unresolved trauma or other words, know thyself and honestly deal with your crap.*

    *If you want more info on the researcher this info came from, you can go here.


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