Monday, October 06, 2003

me versus me...

And I'm winning! Huh-huh. I've noticed that on every day that I say I don't feel like "blogging" that I immediately proceed to peck out 100 breathy posts on nothing but mindless, but slightly entertaining, drivel. I'm especially good at producing said drivel when I have a paper to write and about 500 pages of textbook reading to do. Hmmmph. Double-hmmmmph.

Last night's procrastination session included rainbow-dyeing some merino wool. I had to remove my wool drying (long since) on sweater racks in the downstairs shower because I was informed by my husband that the bathroom smelled like a skunk. I had to vacate the premises of wooly materials before it got to fisticuffs. So, of course I had to play with some of the wool after bagging it all up.

I guess if I've resorted to talking about stinky wool then I've hit the bottom of the barrel in procrastination blogging. Off to the books I go. *sigh*


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