Monday, October 20, 2003


Tired and sleepy today. I had to get up earlier than usual to be at a studio for some taping for work. At least it was something different to do.

My weekend was pretty darn productive and yielded three new hats and two sore arms (not done with finishing touches, but ready for the finishing touches). I tried to do the commission hat, but it turned out a little different than I had hoped. It's still a great hat, but I'll have to give it another whirl to repeat the one she wanted. I'll get to that tonight.

The reason it turned out different is because it's all Gotland wool and not Merino/Gottland. It finished up too short to make the contrasting color brim roll. The swirl turned out awesome though. I can't reach the Merino chick I want to buy from. Frustrating! Her Merino is the best, although most Merino batting will do. It's hard to find the exact color I want from another supplier in a pinch.

Well, I'm too tired to be blogging...more later.


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