Monday, October 06, 2003

wheave me a-whone...

I can't believe I was blogless for two whole days, and I still don't really feel like blogging. It could be the grand piano teetering on my shoulders. The worries of being worried about money, being behind in school after dedicating so much time to the art show, the worries of feeling unmotivated at work and at school because I am so worried about so many worrysome things. It's breaking me out, making me eat lots of sugar and causing me to stare a lot at blank walls. The gloom introduced by last night's nightmare in which my mother died of a stroke while we were shopping together didn't help. This could be less than healthy.

One goody gumdrop this morning was the link found at Ultramicroscopic: Jay Long. Delicious artwork always makes me feel better. And I have a real thing for art that incorporates the use of words. Several of my new designs for figures have words incorporated into them. If I ever get to them, they should be good.

Looks like it's going to be Monday ALL DAY, but I'm sure I'll plod on through...


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