Tuesday, October 28, 2003

stuck like a cat hair to a black shirt...

I hate it when my first class lets out early because I'm stuck for an hour until my next class starts. That would be great for catching up on reading if I had hauled all my books with me, but why would I do that when I'm supposed to have only five minutes between classes? Huh? So here I sit. In a real bad mood. Wanting to quit school. Tired of never seeing my husband. Tired of never getting more than a few minutes of time with the dogs. Sick of work. Wanting to have more time for my fiber projects and non-corporate-drivel writing. Wanting to finish the surprise wool cable sweater that will probably have moth holes in it by the time I get to return to it. Wanting to have a home-cooked meal...of any sort.

It will pass. This is the zit of the semester. It'll go away. Just don't poke it.


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