Wednesday, October 29, 2003

group therapy...

Even though the volume of reading in my classes is kicking my ass, I have to say that the group intervention class has been unbelievably valuable to me. I think everyone should have the experience of working out problems in an interactional setting like that. You find out that you are not unique in your suffering, or your insecurities or your fears. The first half of our class is lecture and the second half is a 90 minute process group. Since we are all future clinicians we probably delve into material faster than maybe a group from the general population, but it's interesting to watch our group unfold just as our text describes--just as most groups do. Now a little more than half-way through the semester we are becoming more authentic with one another, dropping the facades of social niceties and cocktail party conversation--"goblet" issues as Yalom would put it. I feel much richer emotionally having this experience, despite its inherent frustration. I got home at the usual 10 p.m. last night exhausted but feeling open and very human.

Hat work tonight.


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