Wednesday, October 08, 2003

my internal clock...

The news on my internal clock is that I DON'T HAVE ONE. I got up 30 minutes earlier today and I was 15 minutes later than I was yesterday. And, I didn't do anything differently. Did I pass out in the shower? Did I enter a fugue state while brushing my teeth? I just don't understand it, and quite frankly, I have stopped trying to understand it. My husband can guess the time within 5 minutes and he never wears a watch. I religiously wear a watch and I am late every single day and never have any idea what time it is or what the date is. The closest I can get is: "It's Wednesday and it's morning, but not lunchtime yet."

So, I had more nightmares last night and my right jaw joint is clunking like an old transmission, which means I gritted my teeth a lot while sleeping. It didn't help that group intervention class was incredibly intense last night. I think everyone left a little rattled.

On a more positive note, I'm really looking forward to going to SAFF later this month. Some of us in the Feltmaker's Network who live in the Southeast will be meeting for to start a smaller guild, which would be awesome. Chad Alice Hagen, an incredibly talented textile artist, seems to be the emerging ring leader. Anyway, it's always fun to go play in Asheville and even more fun to go wallow in wool and fuzzy animals. I can't take the classes I'd like because we are so damn broke, but I am going to take a silk fusion and nuno felting class. Last year nuno filled up and I couldn't get in. Bleh! I'll be taking Ma along with me so it will be good mother-daughter time, too.

Most interesting Google search for my page in the last few days: "Barium enemas on 70 year-olds". Ouch.


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