Friday, October 10, 2003

ok, breathe...

I'm better today and more positive. To battle the gridlock I am going to schedule blocks of time for different activities (study time, art time, hubby time, self time). That way I can allow myself to think about only one type of activity at a time (thanks Kat and M2). So, my evenings are going to be very scheduled for about three or four weeks to get over the hump. The first week of November is the big crunch date with a big research paper and two art/craft shows (one small, one big) all due. After that, I can take the level down to hysteria. Right now I think I am emoting radiation. (Later that night...editorial smirk/update: What the hell? I think I meant "emitting"...either that or I just made a brilliant play on words...)

So, I think I DID get out of the road. And that's a good thing. Now all I have to do is find my way through the woods.


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