Wednesday, October 22, 2003

what?! you're not perfect???!!!!

Neither are they.

"Here are a couple of links that show you just what they do to models' photos before they get into the magazines. Here, here, and just so the men don't feel left out, here. Roll over the images with your mouse to see the "before retouching" picture. The full set is on the left side of each page. No one is immune from retouched imaging. We are convinced this is "normal" because we see it everywhere we go. And it doesn't matter that we are told not to compare ourselves to these fake photos, we are shown the fake photos. I don't know for sure, but I bet visual images imprint faster and deeper in most people than verbal images."*

*Shamelessly stolen from Twilight Cafe.

I actually have nearly quit reading women's magazines because they make me feel so bad about myself. Instead, I read magazines about art and craft and about real life. Ok, I can't pass up a People magazine, but those "lose that last 10 pounds!" and all those magazines about how I am a walking fashion faux pas are going into the garbage. Life gives you enough shit as it is--I don't need an army of strangers telling me that I SUCK. There's actually a study that shows fashion mags lowers women's self-esteem...I'll see if I can dig it up and post some stuff from it.

In other news...I'm tired and cranky, but not as tired and cranky as yesterday. So, hey, there's improvement going on.


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