Monday, November 10, 2003

back from the dead...

No, wait, I'm still dead. And how.

I'm one little iota from just curling up in my office and balling my eyes out I'm so tired.

But first, craft fair news. The fair was really exhausting, but successful, althought I did about half the business I had hoped to do. Knoxville is hardly as hat-accepting as Nashville folks. Everyone went ooooh-ahhhh and went on and on but said they just don't look good in hats--even though they all looked great. Nashville folks weren't shy about it and flailed their arms about in excitement when they tried them on. But, probably about 75 people took cards and several folks wanted to know about custom hats including one charming woman who found an awesome bright pink cashmere coat at a vintage store and wants a custom hat to match it. I did sell my ghost town hat (it's black with white buildings on it) never makes it to the website before someone runs off with it...I guess I need to make more of those.

I also sold one of my big dolls...Penelope/Priscilla (I never could consistently call her one or the other). That was a big purchase. It's really hard to see the big dolls go, but it helps me move on to make more. The small Mini-Peep dolls sold out and I had to make more right there in the booth. People were buying them before I could finish them. Whew. No rest. But I could make little people all day...

The best thing about my booth was that it made people smile. When people tried on the hats they giggled and when they saw the dolls they stood and stared with the most charming child-like looks on their faces. It's the connection that feels so good.

So back to being dead. I am dead. I got so overtired that I lashed out at my husband after we got home in the most awful of ways. I balled my eyes out. I tried to work on my research paper immediately after the show. Finally, by 9 p.m. I could see straight and had cried myself into a state of stupor. I went to bed.

I got a call from my boss this morning and the layout I had ordered for this morning's meeting never got done while I was gone. She rescheduled the meeting with them but never called me back to tell me, so I went to the meeting anyway and met with the few people who actually showed up for it. That seemed awfully passive-aggressive to me. There wasn't anything I could do about it, but I have had to take off some vacation days to get school and arts stuff done by their respective deadlines, so... I dunno. I'm too tired to assume that kind of stuff. I think I get a little paranoid about others' intentions when I get too tired.

So, I have to pull a paper out of my ass tonight and take one of those dreadful online "quizzes." After class tomorrow night I am going to crash immediately after work for a couple of days and then clean up the horrible mess I've made of the house at the end of the week.

And start all over again, I guess.

I'll be posting all the new hats later on this week, too.

Thanks for all the well-wishes!!! I appreciated them.


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