Thursday, November 20, 2003

name your PC day...

Yes, it's "Name Your PC Day." What idiot came up with that? Anyway, my PC is going to be "Winky" from now on.

I never did get around to posting pics of the skeins (shame on me). I'll try to do it tonight. Hubby and I ran errands most of the evening. I am having trouble getting a base on a project of mine that I need to send off post-haste. It's a big felted wool ball with a little dancing mini-doll on top--serves as a pin cushion--but I can't seem to get a suitable base. I think I'm just going to felt a rope for the ball to sit in. This is kind of a prototype, but it was requested from a lady who came to the Foothills Guild Fair, so I'm trying to get two of them done for her. In the future I want to weight them and put steel wool in the center so it will be a "self-sharpening" pin cushion. Ah, live and learn. I'll take a pic before I send them off.

Well, Winky and I need to get back to work, so we'll see you later.


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