Tuesday, November 11, 2003


As I know when I do too much and push myself over a ridiculous finish line, there's the aftermath...the letdown, the melting, the undoing, the unraveling and detangling. I know myself well enough to not pay attention to the tired feelings, insecurities and obsessive self-examination. I have to just quit and allow myself rest until I get my bearings again. It's like coming out of a fugue state...Iowa? how'd I get here? How did I gain that 15 pounds? What's the green stuff in the fridge? Bam...like a wet sock thrown against the wall.

I turned in a pretty mediocre research paper, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances and I am proud of that. I finished the online exam and got a decent grade. I'm between classes...one more to go and I'm going to right to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to bed immediately after work. And I can't wait to be LAZY, actually TALK to my husband, snuggle with my kitties and be slobbered on by my dogs.

After that, I might make a hat.


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