Saturday, November 01, 2003

post halloween blahs...

Halloween is over and we had a whopping six trick-or-treaters. Three groups of two. Hmmph. Psychos have ruined Halloween. I remember when we'd get in a little group and trick or treat for hours on end, going from neighborhood to neighborhood. The worst thing that happened to us was getting a popcorn ball in a sandwich bag and not knowing whether or not we should eat it. People watched for us as they drove by and we were greeted at nearly every house with smiles. I didn't have crap for costuming, so I went as the proverbial hobo with a straw hat, fake freckles and a big black ball of black wax over a couple of my teeth. I wore a big plaid shirt and jeans and carried a paper bag. It may sound sad, but I had a blast every year and I didn't worry about psychos. I worried about whether or not a kid dressed up as a ghost was going to pop out of the woods and scare me shitless.

Now kids trick or treat in a couple rich neighborhoods or go to church and school parties. If they trick or treat at all they are armed with two to five adults who wait at the curb like pissed-off bouncers.

I hate that kids are missing what we had. It makes me kind of sad.


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