Monday, November 03, 2003


I'm not quite sure how I am going to get through the next eight days. This is the week of the show, the research paper and another one of those "quizzes" that take two hours to finish. I did get five pieces off to the Appalacian Center for Crafts. And I have several new hats that are drying and waiting for hatbands and tags. It's the school work that's putting me over the edge. I want to be excited about the show, but I can't fully enjoy it because of the mountain of reading, writing and studying I need to do before Tuesday. I brought two hats to work so I can sew in a couple of hatbands at lunch. I hate to bring my books into the booth this weekend...not very good salesmanship to be studying while people are browsing your stuff. Well, one good thing is that after Tuesday, I did what I could do and I'll get to breathe a little again. I hope to make enough money to send all four kitties to the vet and get a small drum carder.

Bleh. Gotta get to work.


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