Friday, November 28, 2003

hell's fury should be tempered by good food and fellowship...

Thanksgiving has been weird. First, I'm separated (by miles, not by divorce) from my husband, which I don't like at all. And which neither of us will opt for again. Then, I cook a delicious dinner yesterday for my mom (I wanted to be with my mom this year)...that was good: watercress wheatberry quiche in phyllo dough, mixed spring greens for salad, pumpkin barley soup, homemade bread, etc. Yummy. Christmas music is in the background, despite the marital circumstances.

Then, today, I realize I have to get studying for my finals (background music changes from Major to minor key) and then I get this email from someone on the International Feltmaker's List that I am copying her hat design. Um, yeah. Turns out we both took a class from the same instructor, Jean Hicks and my "swirly" topped hats look like her "swirly" topped hats. She said she was contacting me for "ethical reasons." She was very nice about it. But, IF ANYTHING, we are BOTH copying Jean. Is the "swirl" copyrighted? (Changing from minor key to outright DIRGE here)... Am I going to be contacted by other feltmakers to retract my dome tops and tiers, rolled brims and use of hat bands? Has the Fedora been released from copyright? How about the pillbox? I guess it hacks me off because it's the holiday and she waited to drop said bomb on me then. I really am not sure what to do. There ARE other people who are inspired by the quintessential swirl...and I sent her links to those other folks who like to give their hats that structure, too.

On a brighter note...Thanks for all the nice holiday and hat comments everyone has been leaving. Here's hoping you were with the ones you loved and ate all you could hold.

Oh well, there's some Dos Equis in the fridge...and some chilled pumpkin pie. My mom is still here tooling around and driving me somewhat insane...I love her anyway. :-) For all you grammar grapplers, I'm too lazy to go back and change my tenses... heh


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