Saturday, November 22, 2003


I am miserably failing on my promises of pictures... I promise there will be pictures soon. Things have been really busy and I had to prepare and send out several packages this morning to of which was Rase Hall Studios. Thanks Lori! Don't forget to check out her Art Cards. They are on my wish list for sure.

There are two batches of fleece drying on the deck and a navajo-plied skein getting the big stretch over the tub. I swear wool is going to start popping out of my ears...wait, that sounds kind of gross.

Yesterday was our annual marketing retreat. I never look forward to these things, but it was okay. Someone always puts on a cute skit that worth a big laugh and I got to relax with some people I don't get to spend a lot of time with. We did some Myers-Briggs testing and that's always fun to see what kind of personalities are in the room. I am still, and maybe even more so, an INFP. I scored ZERO on Extraversion!!! So, guess what, I'm usually not the person wearing the lampshade at the least not the first.

Okay, I haven't eaten since breakfast I'm hungry...catch you in a little while.


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