Monday, December 29, 2003

moving right along...

Ah, crap. Back at work. But that's okay--it's a short week (again, woo-hoo!).

So, to recap this stellar year of 2003:

  • I gained the 30 pounds back that I lost.
  • We went totally broke.
  • I started selling my artwork in earnest.
  • I learned to spin and got a wheel.
  • I bought way too many knitting books and had no time to knit.
  • I spun more yarn than I know what to do with.
  • I destashed my commercial yarn by at least one-third on Ebay.
  • I made my first non-A (B+) in grad school.
  • I got to enjoy two one-week classes with Jean Hicks and Akira Blount.
  • I found out that Akira's first name used to be Betty.
  • I found out that my dad has learned to show some love and sympathy.
  • I learned that there is yet more serious work to do in my marriage but feel confident we are going to make it for the first time.
  • I realized that I need a bigger support network.
  • Daddy's kitty, Peanut, passed away from a cancerous tumor.
  • I didn't get my hair cut even once in 2003.
  • I quit coloring my hair.
  • I colored my mom's hair for the first time in her life. We both hated it.
  • I got a drum carder (oh-la-la!).
  • I got my first pair of Brittany birch knitting needles. Now I wish all my needles were Brittanys.
  • I made my husband swear he wouldn't back out on a hobby farm when we can afford it.
  • I learned how to Navajo ply and make silk fusion.
  • I actually printed business cards for my artwork.
  • My dogs continued to get fatter, as both my husband and I did.
  • I gave up on one of my old friends.
  • I made new friends.


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