Tuesday, December 16, 2003


The semester's grades are in. I was really worried about this semester because I really had to cram a lot, hurry through papers and even missed a quiz altogether. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got an A and a B+!!! My graduate 4.0 is ruined, but that's a ridiculous goal to have anyway. I can live with a 3.94 average. Ahhhhhh, sometimes it is worth it to bust your ass. I am so happy that all those late nights and frantic efforts to get caught up paid off. What a load off.

I just realized I have five hats to do. Mmm. Better get busy. Two due this week. Two as gifts next week. And one more for my mother's 70th birthday on the 27th. She wants a black hat with orange swirls in it--to signify her allegiance to the Lady Vols, of course. She called me crying the other night because they had won in overtime. Sheesh, you gotta love a fan like that. Usually she's at the games, but she's had a terrible sinus infection and was relegated to watching the last game or two at home. She said she had gritted her teeth so hard during the game that she didn't know if she could eat. Oy Vey! What a nut! I just love her.


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