Tuesday, December 30, 2003

spinning and such...

Finally, some photos. Here is the hand-dyed angora/silk/wool I spun up and Navajo-plied. I started a little neck scarf (one end is pulled through the hole) last night. I hope I'll finish it tonight.

Next batch (from L to R): 2 ply Shetland, commercially dyed blue wool sample, single ply merino cross I processed myself from raw fleece; Navaho-plied mohair, wool and silk from roving I got at SAFF. At the front is a little mystery sample skein.

And more lovely wool/mohair roving from SAFF I spun into two-ply. To the right, some merino I spun into thick singles--gonna dye it soon.

And of course the gratuitous picture of our youngest kitty, Grayson. He's sleeping on an afghan I knitted--between Daddy's ankles, who is watching the tube.


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