Wednesday, December 10, 2003

not one of THOSE days again...

Yeah. I'm trying terribly hard to NOT whine. Oh, to hell with it. I'm just yackety-blah. I can't understand why I am so tired. Maybe I am still fighting off a bug of some sort. Or still recovering from the marathon of studying. I hate it when you are inbetween something you are not aware of and something else you are not aware of. In other words, if I'm getting something I'd like to go ahead and come down with it or just feel good again, but the fact is I feel bad and I'm not sure why. Karma, you can bite me! No wait, I didn't mean that.

Anyway, I DID finally get up enough energy late last night get a custom order hat done. Black. Just black. Looks nice. Still have a little work to do on the brim. She wants something a little flatter than the I'll work on that tonight.

C'mon energy, where are you? I melting here.

p.s. But on one very bright note, the new KNITTY is online. And it is tres delicious! Especially KYOTO. but I would make the sleeves longer (the too-long look, me likey). I might have to try some of my handspun for a nature-girl type of version. What? I have time to KNIT!???? Well, in MY mind I do. But not for long.


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