Friday, December 12, 2003

who is this woman and what does she want?

I haven't felt like myself all week, alternately feeling physically rotten and emotionally rotten. I guess times are just hard for us right now. Money is nil this year and Christmas has been scaled WAY back. In one way it's nice to not have to shop so much for everyone, but in another way, it's kind of sad.

My company decided to take out the taxes due on my tuition reimbursement spread over the two checks before Christmas. Gee, thanks. That was $400 I wasn't going to use anyway. Now, I don't have to worry about shopping at all...I just have to worry about being able to pay the freakin' bills. I started to just crawl under the covers at 7:30 last night and whimper strange nonsense, but I decided to make myself get up and do some wooly things. I carded part of a merino cross fleece I had washed a few weeks ago and started spinning it. I can't quit spinning long enough to knit something. I think I'm going to overdye this yarn I'm spinning--maybe olives, browns and bronze. It would make a nice heathered yarn as it's kind of a beigey-grey color (moorit? can't remember the proper name).

I need to do some serious felting this weekend so I'll feel better. I have lots of new ideas to try.


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