Tuesday, December 23, 2003


That's what I should call my blog at this point. And I'm about to do it again today. After taking my first dose of mega-biotics, I woke up with the most tremendous headache I have ever had in my life. I was getting sick to my stomach, could only open my eyes to slits and stare straight ahead. Like Joe Schmoe says "What is going on?!!!" Anyway, I had to take some headache medicine (that made about 25 pills fighting over my body) and lay back down for a while. Maybe I should rename the blog "pill-popper.com."

The bladder infection symptoms have been greatly lessened. And THAT IS A GOOD THING. I peed a beautiful emerald green this morning. I was hoping it would be blue. I really am not fond of emerald green. Oh well. I don't expect peeing to be an artistic endeavor. I've been sent to the urologist again for January. Going to see the urologist rates pretty high on the humiliation scale. Pretty soon I won't even care if I'm walking naked down the street.

Last night I mustered up the energy to crank out one the niece's hats. One more to go before Christmas, which is uh, soon. I'm a little disappointed in what I made last night, but I'm not sure I feel up to redoing it. The silk separated a little from the wool and though no one other than a fellow felter would even take note of such a thing, it bothers me. The more I think about it, the more it bothers me. I guess I'll wait until it's drier before I panic.

Friends M and B bought my dinner last night before I embarked on the hatmaking. Thanks! They both ordered hats for one another, but neither knew. It made for some careful conversations on my end. I couldn't let one know the other had talked to me. I almost felt (ha, no pun intended) bad taking money from both of them. It was kind of funny I guess. They've already exchanged gifts before heading out of town to see family and love their hats. I made a question mark hat with a navy background for B and the whipstitched toque (one of my favorites) got resized and went to M. Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy them.

Afterthought--Sheesh, and then tomorrow my family is coming over. Gotta cook. Christmas Eve is also my brother's birthday--gotta get a card. Then Saturday there's my mother's surprise birthday party for which I need to go get decorations and make her hat. These antibiotics better start hoofing it--I gotta lot to do!


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