Monday, November 24, 2003

spinning out of control...

I can't stop spinning. I can't stop spinning when I need to be studying. Washing fleece, carding, spinning...spinning roving I got from from SAFF, spinning and plying...2-ply, Navajo ply, spinning, spinning, spinning. Just me and my little Ashford Kiwi. It's just a little beginner's wheel, but it does a nice job on the kinds of yarn I spin up. I'm just interested in the basics at this point. Spinning is just a wonderfully meditative activity--and God knows I need meditation right now.

Of course it would help to STUDY since all my finals are on or due by Dec. 2. And they ain't gonna be easy. I can't wait until this semester takes its claws out of me.

Thanksgiving is kind of a bittersweet holiday this year. Hubby will be with his family out-of-state and I'm going to stay here and spend some time with my mom. She didn't have any plans (as my family never does for any holiday), but I just have a feeling I should be with her, so that's what I'm going to do. Maybe it's because my mom turns 70 next month or because I've had dreams about losing her recently. Her mom died of a massive heart attack when she was only 44 years old, so I'm glad I've had her this long. My mom is really the only person in my family I'm very close to.

It's a rainy, cold Monday, but what do I care...I don't have a window to remind me...lucky me.


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