Tuesday, March 23, 2004

$157 later...

I picked up Baxter yesterday after work and came home with three medications, a groggy cat and a burgeoning mental list of things I could sell on Ebay to replace the $157 I just forked over. I brought a can of soup in today for lunch (and some delicious knitting).

Baxter's blood test for liver and kidney function was fine, but I'm still waiting to hear back on the thyroid panel. Otherwise, his little abcess was the reason for the medicine. I have to place medicine INSIDE the abcess twice a day, give him a full dropper of stinky vitamins and a full dropper of antibiotics--both once a day. Let's just say it takes more than one person. Surprisingly, he doesn't even flinch when I fill the abcess with medicine, but he cries when I give him the droppers. Deaf cat yowls seem more pitiful for some reason. The abcess is only about the size of a match head if you are wondering. It's merely an open place in his skin like a burst boil. *hurl, hurl* I know it's gross. Of course, darling hubby, let Baxter sit on the sheets after being medicated and now there's medicated butt goo all over my side of the sheets below my pillow. Get thee to a washer!

Now I'm paranoid the other cats have ass problems and I've taken to inspecting all their little buttholes. Rooney has tight little pink pucker that is rarely dirty; Grayson a larger, furrier pucker, but with frequent remnants of dingleberries and Atticus has a tanish, medium-sized pucker with only occasional crusties on the periphery. And that, my friends, is a description of all my kitties' assholes. When inspecting cat butt is the most important thing you do during the day, you gotta question your direction in life...


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