Thursday, March 04, 2004

Welcome to the RTB tailgate party!!

Welcome to the RTB tailgate party, where I am in charge of misinterpreting, no, no...INTERPRETING the finest postings the RTB bloggers have to offer. If you thought I was going to rhyme this whole thing, well, you're downright crazy (I mean that in the friendliest way possible).

One note of caution: I do have a quirk or two, so in complete understanding of possible grievances against the following summaries, I would like to offer a complaint email. If you find yourself violated, offended or in general dissatisfied with the job I've done here, please email me at I have a special folder set up for these emails, so you can be assured that I will respond immediately. Cheers and---ah, just pass the whisky bottle.

Anyway, read on, because you can't get any more diversity in one big honkin' post than this!

Smijer takes the notion to present some thoughts on critical thinking and shows us the way
and the light toward what's supposed to be grey and what's really just black and white.

Manish over at Damn Foreigner repeatedly tells Nader to stay out of the race and makes note of the yammering political types who have spines of Jell-O.

Peggy at Moveable Beast tells us a story of tried and true love. Her gay little kitties united by the great catnip gods are just the thing to remind us the most important aspect of marriage is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Meow.

Thomas of the Newsrack Blog speaks candidly about claims of the Slobodan Milosevic trial collapsing.

Sue stands in for CJ at Up for Anything and provides us with a handy mathematical equation we can all use in support for suing the Senate.

Stoney over at Rebel Yell gives us a clear sociological assessment of the land of charming and not-so-charming oddities--the American mall.

At the Castle, Queen MedB sets a place at the table for a cat-loving possum who looks like he's recently visted the hairdresser.

Fletch over at A Smoky Mountain Journal unfurls his insider's view on the North Shore Road planning process and calls attention to a not-so-democratic process that may be followed--despite public opinion on route choices that may do significant damage to our beloved Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Granny Rant has found coal in everyone's stocking, but in 20 years we may not need stockings. Or perhaps we could just snip them up and fashion some snazzy-looking respirators. Granny has also been kind enough to introduce us to an amazing creation of natural evolution--the talking dog! Take him for a walk--he needs company.

According to our illustrious leader, South Knox Bubba, ain't nothin' wrong with using good old fashioned paper so they can't freakin' mess it up.

At Second-Day Lede, a spin-off from the famous Dagley Dagley Daily, the majority rules idea gets a thorough lashing from well--reality.

Barry, over at Last Home takes a look at what Kerry and Bush don't quite understand about a Christian God. He points to good ole' Honest Abe for the clear perspective.

Guy Montag doesn't want a ring from the Feds or the State and gives old Maxine a bust in the chops Powell-style. All that while he stares at himself in his sparkling shoes.

At the Conservative Zone, there's more than a battle being fought, there's a good bit of honesty, courage and heart--something we could all use a little more of. On the lighter side, you might want a rescue dog around if you're going to work on a team with the guy.

Gun-totin' SayUncle has a thing or two to say about the IQs of gun control yahoos and welcomes a new writer to the blog. He's into the group thing (get your minds out of the gutter!).

If your a hillbilly, you'd better rush on over to Wandering Hillbilly's new Hillbilly Dictionary--the most authoritative tool for translating even the most challenging backwoods-bonics to regular old English. Why, you can even earn a valuable scholarship by contributing to the landmark work.

Voluntarily in China gives us a unique peek at political cartooning in China. He also hopes his blog doesn't get SHUT DOWN.

Aaron over at The Golden Calf is pretty sure Jesus isn't a democrat and somehow wound up at the Jesse Helms Center for Right Wing Propagandation and Intolerable Indoctrination. Hmm.

Aunty Goob at Goobage offers "Captive Customers," and gives us the low-down on those nasty automobile companies doing nasty things to get nastier money to do the nastiest things to their employees. Nasty. Or as Aunty says, "an exploration of differences in pension plans, business vs. government," which makes a helluvalot more sense than what I said.

Chris at My Quiet Life is simply on the verge of poking his eyes out over the misunderstanding of well...everything about The Truly Disadvantaged.

New addition to the RTB, Doug McDaniel, ponders the real meaning of solomizing same-sex marriages. Pass the mayo--for the sandwich, stupid. I'm not going to tell you again to get your mind out the of the gutter.

Big Stupid Tommy isn't stupid at all, and proves it to us in his insightful analysis of Leap Year trivia, hard cold formulas for determining the requisite amount of excitement the 29th really deserves, and a tip for the best Leap Year Feast ever--Hamster Stew. To share the love, scroll down to the subhead "February 29."

Does Anthony Pellicano Have Incriminating Tapes of Michael Jackson? That's the question Les Jones is trying answer as he dusts for fingerprints in this developing "thriller" series.

So, there you have it. Salami? Hamster stew? Not me, I'm a vegetarian. Enjoy your day and appreciate one another's diversity. I send you all off into the vast desert of contemplation with a flask full of finely aged wine and fresh fruit. Or something like that. Thanks for letting me host, I think.


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