Thursday, March 25, 2004

is it sunny outside?

Ok, so I was a wee bit negative yesterday. Things were, quite frankly, shitty. Sorry for the spew. For those of you who do not take copious notes from this silly little blog, I'll recap why we are so destitute. Let's review it mathmatically, shall we?

Stage One: great paying job but psycho-boss + pretty good paying job=easy lifestyle and lots of shopping
Stage Two: unemployment for a year + pretty good paying job=trying to pay two-income sized bills with two-thirds less money
Stage Three: crappy paying job and another psycho boss + pretty good paying job=resources exhausted; paying bills rough
Stage Four: great job with great boss, but 2 year training period during which hardly any pay comes in + pretty good paying job=resources still spent; impossible to pay all bills; much gnashing of teeth.

We are halfway through stage four. One more year of gnashing teeth, eating grubs and bark from the yard to survive. Once hubby's training/assistantship is over, things will be much better, but it's getting there that's hard.

My little spinning wheel is keeping me sane at the moment. Spinning is one of the most relaxing things in the world to me. Even more relaxing than knitting. I'm still creatively constipated, but I ain't gonna give up.

In Kitty World, Baxter's thyroid test came back "high normal" once again. So, we can't put him on meds for hyperthyroidism just yet. He's so skinny it breaks my heart...he used to be such a fat monster cat. We have to take him back next month for more bloodwork to monitor his thyroid. He seems to be feeling good though. We continue to cram those vitamins and antibiotics down his throat every night before we go to bed and it's helping him. He stays pissed for about three hours and then goes back to sleeping across my head about 2 a.m. And thanks to Banana Flip for sharing the mysteries of the Cat Brain.

Man, I wish I had some money, because Elann has some dead sexy cotton on sale. Argh. Me want. Me can't have.


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