Monday, March 08, 2004


We went to an exotic petting zoo on Saturday. It was a blast, although the vegetarian in me was inspecting the grounds pretty carefully to see if the animals were properly cared for. I felt a twinge of guilt having so much fun with captive animals that belonged in the wild.

Anyway. We hand-fed camels, goats, zonkeys, donkeys, zebras, miniature horses, guanacos and played with wallabys and watched prairie dogs, peacocks, reindeer and saw in person just how large Anatolian Shepherd livestock guard dogs really are. The camels decided to mate right after we gave them some feed--that was interesting. The female was really vocal and made some sounds that were very Chewbacca-like--except A LOT louder. Of course, my husband wanted his picture taken standing in front of the whole thing. Men.

Well, it looks like I will be starting my field placement in social work this summer, not fall. We "extended" students (part-timers) have to do field placement year-round because we work 16 hours a week instead of 20 like the full-time students have to.

I am hoping to work at a place that's close to my full-time job. This center is mostly addiction treatment, although dual diagnosis is usually the rule with that work. I think A&D could be interesting. I don't have any experience in that area, so I think I could really learn a lot--could be a real eye-opener. I am trying to do some calculating to see if I could possibly work "heavy part-time" (30 hours or so) at my current job, so I could survive working two jobs. My boss is being so flexible and helpful it's amazing. I think I could get my job done in a 30 hour week with no problem...then I'd only be working a total of 46 or so hours a week, which is really no big deal. The question is, can I afford to drop 10 paid hours a week? I don't know yet. If I can't afford to do that, I'll have to come in super early so I can get off in time to work at an agency in the late afternoon/evening. Not being one of those rabid-high energy type people, I fear that option. But we'll see. I have to get my abacus out and do some high-falutin' figgerin'.

I cut my hair last night. I don't know how to cut hair. I just thought, "how hard could it be to just cut about four inches off around the whole bottom?" It's still long, but I haven't had it cut in a year, so there's were some really dry ends to get rid of. Actually, it looks fine. My hairdresser would die. I just don't want to spend money on stuff like that right now. I'm already way over budget from hubby's birthday celebration.

I crocheted a bulky wool scarf last night and I've already decided to rip it back out. I've been total knitting spaz lately. I did get a customer's hat resized last night. It took me so long though that I'm sending her a shibori-dyed scarf in her package for free. I'm sure she'll think that's excessive, but I hate that I didn't get it back to her sooner.

And can I say that drinking Red B*ll actually works? I rolled my eyes repeatedly over such a drink, refusing to try it for more than a year, then my husband brought it home one day and I'll be damned, if the little elixir doesn't work. Maybe it's akin to chewing on a raw sugar cane, but I sure do get a little energy buzz off of the stuff. And I was even more shocked to discover I love the taste. I've been hoodwinked by a devilish marketing ploy...

I have been informed that pics of the petting zoo will arrive in my email this afternoon. I hope I can share them--I wasn't wearing a stitch of make-up and had been walking around in a muddy field before we decided to drive up there...


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