Monday, March 22, 2004

8.6 pounds...

That's what poor Baxter's weight has gotten down to. And his little anus abcess has opened up's small, but hardly something to ignore. I think he must have a little cyst or something that gets reinfected. Anyway, he has lost more than half of his body weight over the last three years, with the last year being the fastest weight loss (thus the worry). He acts healthier than ever though, which is what throws me. He plays more than when he was so fat and is twice as annoying at night, stomping back and forth across our heads and weirdly yowling at passing dust particles (like deaf cats do). He also has a very strange habit of parking himself exactly between our eyeballs and the television when we are in bed. It's the only place he will stand if the television is on. He just stands there, staring into space, slowly swishing his tail, as if to say, "Look at me, God of Cats. Why would thou be interested in electronic drivel when you can revel in my utter magnificence?" The only way you can ever see the TV is if you hug him like a teddy bear to your chest, which if he can't stand up and swish his tail, is the next best thing.

We did go see a matinee Saturday. Guess what we saw? That's right: SECRET WINDOW. It was good, even though somewhat predictable (except for the ending, which had all the makings of a predictable ending, but resisted the temptation), and the Deppster, was well, the Deppster--strange, intriguing and sinfully cute. The predictability was not a problem in this movie because it was not so much about giving you a surprise, but a study of demise. Hey, that rhymed. Does that make me an accidental poet? Uh..............

Oh, and I had wanted to go see this felt/textile artist appearing in Atlanta over the weekend, but alas, I could not pull any money from my ass...what!? another rhyme? Is God trying to tell me something?!!! Wow, I am just awestruck by this strange coincidence. *snort*

And, it's Monday. I don't want to talk about it.


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