Sunday, March 28, 2004

the phlox is here! the phlox is here!

Yes, ah, the phlox is here! I really love it when the phlox blooms in the front yard. You can see my favorite color is purple from the photo! As many flowers and plants that I kill, I still love them all when they survive my horrible gardening skills and bloom anyway! We have a round bed edged with stone that surrounds a little Cousa dogwood in our front yard. For some reason, once the phlox blooms, I go immediately into Spring Fever Stupor. It's just wonderful and cheerful.

I cleaned out the herb garden today, too, which is always a fragrant treat and also cleaned the, a-hem, "rose garden," in which I have killed two of six bushes in one year. I should say three, but I saw one lone sprout trying to survive. Anyway, it was a bright and sunny weekend--just what I needed. Beers on the patio; college baseball less than two miles away for cheap. And Baxter seems to be feeling better. All in all, it was a good weekend. I hope your weekend was good, too!
Update: Phlox loves full sun, is drought-tolerant, creeps over the ground at a rapid rate, can be propagated easily by plugging and looks great in rock gardens and drapes elegantly over garden walls. (Basically, it can stand my retarded gardening skills.)


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