Friday, March 19, 2004

happy, happy Friday...
Oh, I'm just sitting here calmly, but inside I am doing a very happy dance that today is Friday. I'm feeling a lot better, too--just in time for a sunny Spring-like weekend (I hope). I am really hoping I can get some creative juices flowing this weekend--I've been creatively constipated way too long.

Baxter is going for his repeat bloodwork on Monday. I'll bet we find that he needs medication for hyperthryroidism. He also has one of his mystery abcesses on his rear that needs to be looked at. I don't know where those things come from, but we always take him to get it looked at and usually put him on antibiotics just in case. It's one his many bizarre unexplainable health problems. He's happy and active for a 13 year-old cat. Go figure. We worry about him everyday, thinking he's going to croak, but he just keeps hanging out, happy as can be. He had feline leukemia when we got him and the vet put him on this strange Buffer*n therapy that worked somehow. Giving Baxter a pill is truly like WWIII, so I'm surprised he got medicated at all.

Here's to happy cats, Friday, and the exit of all things reminscent of mucous.


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