Tuesday, March 30, 2004

whining, seque exploitation, pretend shopping and corporate poop...

Yesterday I emailed my resume off for a field placement. *sputter* I dread this. Not because of the experience, but because of the hours. If you missed the earlier whining, I'll be working full-time at my current job (of which I have come to detest all 40 hours) and then go to another job (social work field placement) for 16 hours a week. I'll have to change my 9am to 5pm existence to work 7am - 3pm; then leave for the other job until ??pm. We simply are too broke for me to go part-time so I can do my internship. I don't think DH thinks I can do it. I think I CAN do it. I just think I'll be miserable and bitchy for an entire year. I think old farts CAN learn new tricks. Other than never getting to see DH, the thing that upsets me the most is that I won't be able to spend time with my pets. They are all getting a lot older and time is more precious with them than before. I'll also have no time for artistic endeavors. Anyway, that's all I gotta say about all that. The time draws near.

(pretend there's a segue here...) It gently rained all night and it was warm enough to keep the windows open. Ah, that makes for a snuggly buggly sleep. (pretend there's another segue here...)

I know you are dying to know how the poor shop. Well, I did a scientific study of one and I have the statistically significant answer: They "pretend shop." I (not that I was the said statistically significant sample) shop all the time, I just don't ever get to hit the "submit" button. I have pretended to buy a virtual plethora of wool, cotton, knitting books, patterns and art books. I just don't get to hit "submit." Damn it, I want to hit "submit"!!! Seeing Elann's deals twice a week is causing me to break out in yarn-deprivation-acne. *Don't look, just go to your stash. Just GO to your stash. DO NOT hit submit. Do NOT click that button!* Perhaps being deprived of new things will force me to finish old things. See, there IS a bright side! But I do have one small purchase to make this payday and I can't wait to make it. I'll let you know when I do, because it's really, super-duper neat. No, really it is.

(forget the segue, just get over it and keep reading...) Have a great day. I have to get back to editing and writing corporate fluff and participating in rancid demagoguery. Not that I have a negative attitude about it...(the ellipses should be enough of a segue for you, sheesh!)

Just overheard: I just heard someone come in for a meeting and the person organizing the meeting said, "Come on in, drop your load." Heh, they should have said that to ME. Because I would have. *smirk*

(to hell with segues)

I swear, I'm normally a nice person. I swear. Honest!


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