Monday, March 15, 2004

it is soooooooo Monday...

I'm starting off the week with a nice chest cold, which is not such a big deal, except it's making me a tad cranky. You should not be pushy with me when I've been afflicted with the Creeping Crud. I sound like I have TB--perhaps that accounts for the lack of visitors to my office this morning.

I'm cramming down a Subway veggie sandwich whilst I type during the last few minutes of my lunch break. I spent most of my lunch puttering around in my car listening to music and fantasizing about driving right past the airport and not coming back. Well, to work that is. Damn insurance. That and the fact I haven't had the oil changed in my car in so long that I would soon be stranded. Yes, it's on my to-do list come payday.

What? Did you hear that? Little faeries are whispering "Secret Window" into my ear. It got two thumbs up so I don't feel so bad dragging hubby to the theater so I can stare at Johnny Depp for TWO SOLID NON-STOP HOURS. I am not much for "stars," (they take big stinky craps like everyone else) except for the Deppster. What is it about that silly twerp?

Well, more later, I am swamped today. Bah. *cough, wheeze, cough*

p.s. And just in case you missed it, "Lucky Me, I hit the trifecta." Link spirited from The Dust Congress.


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