Tuesday, March 02, 2004

casserole of the gods...

You know, you guys made me feel better, or at least not alone in my indecisive misery. Hey, that's worth something, isn't it? Of course it is. I finally started doing my exam last night (it's was a take-home, case-study essay kind of thing) and plan to write it up tonight (since it's DUE tomorrow). I have to work on it at lunch today, too, which means I'd better type fast. Blah, blah, blah.

This Friday is hubby's 41st birthday. I won't be spending oodles of money for the occasion, but he'll like his smaller gifts just fine I'm sure. We're planning to see the Ice Bears (hockey) in the evening and maybe go ride horses on Saturday. That sounds good to me!

Speaking of horses, there's a very neat place here that does clinical work using horses. I got to do a workshop there a couple of years ago and was really inspired and amazed by the process. Maybe I need to go visit them again sometime soon? Inspiration is the elixir of the gods. And, as I say, cat puke is the casserole of the gods. Blech, I'm gross.

Anyway, I sent the equine therapy facility an email, basically asking if they are interested in doing field placements and if not, could I work for free or trade communications services for training/education/mucking stalls/whatever. What the hell, right? I'm getting too old to not just get out there and go for things. I wish I were a little further along in my "equine education" because EAGALA is holding a Level I therapy training. Bah, maybe next year (and when I have $600!).

Click here for pictures from the workshop I did at New Directions Farm.


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