Thursday, March 18, 2004

multi-tasking with snot, part deux...

Well, fortunately I didn't sneeze and fart last night. I just annoyed the living hell out of everyone by continually rearranging my stockpile of mucous through coughing and snorting. Occasionally I would let out a croaking moan for good measure. We got our mid-terms back and I was pissed that I only made an 87. Shit, that blows. This class is not in my area of interest and I think it shows a little. I need to pull that grade up though. *grimace* Two viruses in the first quarter of the year--unheard of. I think it's stress over money and all the other difficulties we've been facing lately.

But I DO feel a little better today. Unfortunately, clients are barking about their jobs not being done (not you, L). Graphics can't get them done any sooner because they are swamped. I am in the middle of the mess trying to tell clients I cannot pull these things out of my ass no matter how far I reach up my colon. I'm almost glad I'll be stuck in a studio for most of the day shooting intros for a project. Gah, I am eternally grateful for being employed, but the enjoyment stops there.

Have a happy Thursday everyone. Friday is on its way.


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