Tuesday, March 09, 2004

how about that?

I don't feel like complaining today. What's up with that? Go figure. Last night I finally tried my Winsor Pilates DVD I bought recently out of sheer desperation. I really like it and I felt great immediately afterward and even today. My back feels good especially. Hubby tried it too--I've never heard so much grunting, moaning and "yeah, right!" as he watched the super-toned Pilates instructors wrap their legs up in Celtic knots. Hubby isn't the most flexible guy in the world. Lucky for him, there's the gal doing the "modified exercises" in the background...but I'd say this program will stretch him out in no time. Anyway, it has my endorsement, so what else could you possibly need? It's even doable with my super skinny budget. Thanks and general accolades go to Put Down the Donut for pointing it out.


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